Our laboratory mainly focuses on the study of pathogen and danger-sensing platforms that trigger inflammation and innate immunity, and includes the following areas:
1. Molecular mechanisms of innate immune recognition and signal transduction.
Analysis of the receptors (pattern recognition receptors, PRRs) involved in innate immune recognition, including identification of new activators and clarification of the signaling transduction pathways. Our particular interest is to understand the signaling networks that control the activation of “inflmmasome”.
2. Basic biology of inflammation.
Inflammation is a fundamental biological response to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens and danger. We are studying the signaling networks that control the initiation, progression and termination of inflammatory responses. We also have interest to understand the links between inflammation and metabolism disorder, inflammation and cancer.
3. The understanding how immune systems control the mucosal homeostasis in the gut.
We are investigating how the gut flora controls the intestinal homeostasis, especially the role of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) in this process.